About Us

Championshipringclub.com is a professional manufacturer specializing in customized rings and service for yeas with a experienced and talented team in China, we craft sports championship rings, class rings, college rings, military rings, careers rings and all kinds of personalized rings for customers around the world. Championshipringclub.com founded on a strong but simple belief: outstanding craftsmanship and personalized custom experience could go hand-in-hand to provide customers around the world with high-quality and unique customized rings at a reasonable price.


        Detail-oriented, and having a sense of perfection makes the most difference between ChampionshipRingClub.com and other championship ring manufacturers. We care and focus on details during the whole customized progress of every single ring. compared to a original ring or any other rings with our rings, check out the details carefully, you can find that our rings are excellent in characters stroke, gold plating, stone setting than any other rings. The details tell the difference, and the difference make things perfect.


        As you see, each championship ring is a perfect replicate of the official releases. Our designers create it by 3d software and then our artisans made it by hand. Each championship ring is fully handcrafted by our artisans with great skill, not by machine! not products from the assembly line! It’s a perfect handicraft with excellent workmanship and skill. Create a unique Ring beyond your expectations is the greatest joy and pride of our artisans and designers.


        The dream of a team is wearing a Championship Ring after a unforgettable season, and the dream of their faithful fans is Celebrating the championship and sharing the honor of wearing a Championship Ring. Now the honor of wearing a Championship Ring is a reality. The artisans and designers from ChampionshipRingClub.com use their decades of experience and great skill to create personalized full customized rings and perfect replicate rings of NFL/MLB/NBA/NHL/NCAA championship rings for you. each ring is carefully designed to showcase the traditional symbols inherent to the team or franchise. You help us design it and we will make your dream ring! Custom your dream ring now.